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2011 Bangkok Tattoo convention Tattoo Events in Thailand (live tattoos, music, conventions)

Annual MBK Bangkok tattoo convention, expo and competition 2011 dates announced

Bangkok international tattoo convention Oct 2011 official flyer and datesIt’s official after much rumors and misleading posts we can finally announced we have visual confirmation in the form of a flyer for the tattoo convention that the event is scheduled to happen from 2pm outside MBK shopping center in Bangkok on 24th  October 2011. The event will be free and that’s about all i can tell you right now…Below is the write up from last years event…The event falls on 24th October 2011 which is a Monday and quite possibly a Thai public holiday too. For any travelers looking for fun things to do, a bit non-normal cultural activity get a real taste of the Bangkok underground i suggest you come down and join in the fun!!! See you there!

Tattoo competition categories; Big Job, Black and Gray (grey), Tribal, Old School, Colours, New school, Japanese, Thai Style, Dragons, Sexy lady tattoo, Small job colours, Best of the day, best of the show, small job black and gray.

From 2010 Bangkok tattoo competition event page…Please check out photos from last year to get a rough idea of the sexy tattooed madness that will come this year!

The Annual Bangkok tattoo contest and expo, probably the biggest Tattoo expo of Bangkok, possibly all of Thailand. Previous years featured; tattoo competitions, live tattooing, live suspension, live music, muscle car expo and lots lots more! and what’s more it’s free! Don’t miss out on this event if you are a hardcore tattoo enthusiast!

Jointly organised by Maxative & Gimme Love Tattoo.
Official Sponsor: Chang Beer.
Official Supplier: Antenna Store.
Official Media: Tattoo Burst Magazine.
Proudly supported by Jack Daniels, Desperado Tattoo, Fastlane-Editions, Full Time Tattoo, Thai Airways & Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau.

The confirmed list of internationally renowned artists attending the convention include the full crew from Gimme Love Tattoo (Singapore), Arjan Noo (Thailand), Mick from Zurich, Shige (Yellow Blaze), Mike Ledger, Tim Hendricks (Gold Rush), Chris Garver & Federico Ferroni (Miami Ink), Tebori Master Horitsuna, Claudia (Classic Ink and Mods Holland) and China Master Fu Hailin.

Contact email:
augustine@bangkoktattooconvention.com (SIN)
barnard@bangkoktattooconvention.com (THAI)


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Bangkok Tattoo Studio Tattoo Studio Thailand Tattoos and tattoo studios

Tattoo Girl M, Tattoo studio,Ladprao, Bangkok, Thailand

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Tattoos by tattoo girl m studio bangkok thailand banner image

Mamaew is one extremely talented artist. Yes she is a tattoo artist and yes she is a girl, this alone coupled with the fact that she is also a Graphic artist and designer makes her one exciting individual. Looking through Tattoo Girl M’s tattoo art portfolio is amazing, there are so many hundreds, probably thousands of styles and designs that she has done. It’s really astonishing when I look through the photos I think to myself this girl really eats, sleeps and breathes tattoo ink. In person she is very friendly and she speaks pretty good English too, certainly enough to have a conversation about the proposed tattoo design you have been searching to get done. She has been tattooing for 9 years already and yes she is very good. She specializes in the Asian / Japanese style, however she does mostly custom pieces talking to customers on an individual basis. She can design the right tattoo for you too! The best idea would be to visit her at her studio in Ladprao, Bangkok, she has exhibited at many conventions and can speak good English too. She may not be Kat Von D, but I’m sure in Thailand she’s certainly viewed as somewhat of a celebrity.

Tattoo Studio – Thailand – Bangkok – Tattoo girl M – Contact details and Opening times
Phone +66 (0) 89-6930650 (Thailand)       
E-mail tattoogirlm@hotmail.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/tattoogirlm
Web http://tattoogirlm.com/
Tattoo studio open hours
Mon-Fri Call
Sat Call
Sun/Public Holiday Call

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Pattaya Tattoo Studio Tattoo studios in Chon buri Thailand Tattoos and tattoo studios

O-zen tattoo studio, Bang Sen, Thailand

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Tattoo Thailand O zen tattoo studio Bangsaen, Pattaya, Chon buri, Thailand

Ton is a very philosophical tattoo artist…correction, not just tattoo artist and tattoo studio owner but also philosopher, artist and musician. He has been tattooing for 7 years at the point of this interview for tattoothailand.com He was born in the North of Thailand, Chang Rai province. He is currently tattooing and exhibiting art from his own tattoo parlour called O-zen which is in Bangsaen which has been open for 1 year. He says 80% of his customers are Thai locals and the other 20% are foreigners, which is perfect for him since he also speaks very good English. For him every tattoo is a personal process with the customer, like many other tattoo artists he speaks to the customer to get a good idea of their character, will do many sketches and sessions before doing the actual tattoo on the body itself. Although he says he feels most comfortable tattoing in a Japanese tattoo style he can work in many styles and can do custom tattoo jobs, In this video we see him tattooing a Japanese horror style devil tattoo with skull revealed underneath live at Nakhon Unite Vol.6 (Metal and Hardcore music and tattoo festival) hosted this year at the Overstay live music and art venue (and hostel!) in Bangkok, Thailand. He describes his relationship with tattooing as a necessity, like “his bread” or food for the soul. Apart from tattoo work he also exhibits personal art at the O-zen tattoo studio, is a drummer and an overall nice guy. Beneath is a quote taken from his facebook page.

“Life is the best when you have freedom and independence… (tattoo) art on the body is like the wind that gives you power of breath, you are showing your soul which is carried to others like music through feeling, this feeling is more valuable than any object” – Ton owner and tattoo artist at O-zen Tattoo Studio, Pattaya, Chon Buri

Tattoo Studio – Thailand – Bangkok – Crazy ink tattoo – Contact details and Opening times
Phone Ton (Thailand)  +66(0)894594905
E-mail tonaloha@hotmail.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ozen.tattoo
Web http://www.facebook.com/ozen.tattoo
Tattoo studio open hours
Mon-Fri ?
Sat ?
Sun/Public Holiday ?

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2011 Videos Youtube tattoothailand channel videos

Interview Thai Tattoo artist Ton of ‘O-zen tattoo studio’, Pattaya, filmed Bangkok, Thailand 2011

More info: www.tattoothailand.com Interview with Ton of “O-zen tattoo studio”, Pattya, Bangsaen, Thailand. Filmed At 6th anniversary NAKHON UNITE VOL.6 hosted by the Overstay, Bangkok, Thailand. Music and Tattoo festival, Tattoo competition, 10 New wave Thai tattoo artists, Awards…

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