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In Kuching, In Sarawak and sub catergory of Tattoos and tattoo studios in Malaysia. This section will focus on the Sarawak region. Sarawak is famous for Borneo tattoo artist Erneswho founded Borneo Head Hunters Tattoo Studio in Kuching, Sarawak however few fail to notice there are a number of other excellent tattoo studios and body modification options while visiting Sarawak, in Malaysia. About the Malaysian traditional art form of tattooing which has been an integral part of the Iban community for centuries and has a rich culture and history of traditional Borneo tattoos.Also Tattoo culture and Tattoo lifestyle in Sarawak. Original Malaysia tribal tattoos such as the Iban rose. Dayak Iban, Malay, Melanau, Dayak Bidayuh, Indian, Javanese, Bugis, Bisaya, Kedayan, Orang Ulu, Kayan, Kelabit. Malaysian tattoo design. Meanings of Malaysia tattoo symbols and current practitioners of the old method of tattooing with bamboo and needle.

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71st Skin Slavery Tattoo Studio, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

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Tattoo thailand com banner image for 71st skin slavery tattoo studio in Kuching, sarawak, malaysia, by professional tattoo artist Eric Kueh

We are a custom tattoo studio located in Borneo Island, Malaysia. We provide a clean and safe environment for you get your tattoo. We can also boast hospital grade hygiene, we make sure all our practice follows high standards of good tattoo studio practice; this means we use an autoclave (medical grade sterilization), disposable equipment (gloves, needles etc). Although good hygiene is not everything, please check our gallery for examples of high quality tattoo work which can be designed custom for you! Also please visit my website for more information about the tattoos we do and information about amazing Borneo!


Studio has been open 6 years with main tattoo artist Eric Kueh estimating completing over 1000 tattoos

Specialist Tattoo styles; Biomech, horror portrait, oriental

Languages spoken; English, Mandrin, Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian)

Tattoo Studio – Malaysia – Kuching – 71stskinslavery – Contact details and Opening times
Phone +60138177227 (Malaysia)        
Tattoo studio open hours
Mon-Fri 11am-6pm
Sat 11am-6pm
Sun/Public Holiday Call

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Quick Facts
Studio has been open 6 years with main tattoo artist Eric Kueh estimating completing over 1000 tattoos
Specialist Tattoo styles Biomech tattoos, horror portrait tattoo style, oriental tattoo
Language spoken English, Mandrin, Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian)
Custom work Depends on request
Hygiene and safety Excellent; Gloves, Autoclave, Ultrasonic cleaner, sterile tattoo studio environment, disposable needles
Bamboo Tattoo (using traditional bamboo method) No, Tattooist uses standard tattooing equipment; tattoo machine, tattoo gun power supply,
Body Piercing No, the isn’t a body piercer employed, no body piercings at this tattoo studio parlor.
Tattooing minors (under age) Depends on request
Can pay with credit card? ?
Tattoo competition awards Yes, many – Colour category,
Tattoo conventions Yes, e-mail or check tattoo studio website for details
UV ink ?
White ink Yes
Permanent make up tattoo ?
Other body modification or ritual practice ?
Type of tattoo ink (brand)  
Tattoo aftercare products available? ?
Tattoo design flash available Yes
Other items on sale Sculpture and unique art pieces
Visable areas tattoo Depends
Forearms Depends
Hands Depends
Knuckles Depends
Neck Depends
Face Depends
Tattooist training Self-taught tattoo artist

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