This website has been made to help promote the best tattoo studios and tattoo artists in Thailand and to give a English speaking person the best guide to getting a tattoo (or other body modification; body piercing, suspension, scarification etc.) while they are traveling or living in Thailand. We are here mainly to help you search for the tattoo artist of your dreams! Most people know finding the tattoo shop which is right for you is a journey, and the art of tattoos is there with you till the day you die, you might have a local tattoo studio a walk from your house, but if that tattoo shop is indifferent or shrugs at your tattoo design you might need to take your skin elsewhere, why not travel to make the journey even more exciting! Tattoos in Asia have a long standing history and like many things have to be experienced in order to be understood!

This website is currently under heavy construction and is in the process of uploading new fresh content about tattoos in Thailand.

We have some super interesting things planned for future development, most of which we need to keep secret, but what we can tell you is that we aim to be the biggest online tattoo directory for all of Thailand.

Tattoo design ideas – We are working closely with some of the biggest names in the Thai tattoo scene to bring you fresh ideas for your tattoo design. We will feature some of the most famous tattoo designs from the main players in the Thai tattoo scene. What’s more can offer you a tattoo design service, where you will be able to connect with tattoo designers who care and know what it takes to design the best tattoo. Design a tattoo – easy, from tattoo tribal, tattoos for girls, kanji, dragon tattoos, Japanese tattoo, Thai custom, nu-skool, horror, your name your tattoo style we have an experienced artist who can design tattoos the right way!

But we are not just about tattoo ideas, we will let you know and report on all the best tattoo events in Thailand and Asia in our tattoo events guide. Yearly tattoo conventions, mini hardcore music with live tattooing all day expo, we’ve got it covered and we aim to bring you stories, photos, videos and interviews with the tattoo artists from all these events.

What makes us different from other tattoo review and tattoo referral websites?

We guarantee 100% honesty and trust for everything that we say and publish on our website. We are a small team of tattoo enthusiasts, we know what it means to live and breathe tattoo ink. We personally visit all the tattoo studios listed on our directory and meet all the Thai tattoo artists featured on our site. We do this so you don’t have to!

We understand how annoying it can be for both the customer and the artist in the process of getting the best tattoo possible. It can take years to find the right tattoo design we can help with ideas for tattoos.  

We are here to give you our honest impartial advice about all the local studios in Thailand and we pride ourselves on not charging tattoo studios, tattoo artists or tattoo designers. Our word is bond and we want to be a name you can trust, when money is not an issue, it’s much easier to build trust.

This site was built on a foundation of love for tattoos, this is FREE service put together by some hardcore tattoo lovers, and we aim to stay this way forever!

General Background and introduction

The biggest and best social network and information blog type website about tattoos in Thailand. On tattoothailand.com we feature media rich information articles, Thai tattoo studio promotions, all the latest news and information about your favorite Thai tattoo masters, personal updates from the leading figures on the scene, Information about tattoo events in Thailand and anything else related to the field of tattooing and body modification in Thailand.

We aim to promote and feature the best tattoo artists and best equipped tattoo studios all over Thailand. To provide you a huge resource for everything you should know in order to acquire your perfect Thai ink. Including a search by location function, maps and detailed info about the tattoo master in Thailand who will make your dream tattoo come true. We are avid supporters of the Tattoo, Body Modification, Ritual and Piercing scene in Thailand.

For the Thai Tattoo artists

We will feature the best tattoo artists and studios in Thailand. The website will help to promote your tattoo studio to new customers and will be aimed at English speaking holiday makers and expats who live in or are traveling through and around Thailand.

Why is Thailand special for Tattoos?

Thailand had a rich history of tattooing and the culture is very alive with many talented artists and studios. However at present it is very difficult for a non-Thai, English speaker to find out information about where to get the ideal tattoo. The likelihood is that if you or your friend comes to Thailand for a traveling experience there is a high chance that it will result in a permanent souvenir in the form of a tattoo, or as we like to call it “holiday ink”. We want to make sure that you get a tattoo that you are happy with and are not likely to regret in your later years. Also more importantly we want to make sure that you are fully informed about the practice and get your tattooed safely and under the execution of a professional tattoo artist or as some say “Tattoo master”.

Monks with tattoos, Buddhist protection symbols…

There is a lot of culture and history surrounding the Thai-protection symbol tattoos, performed by Tattoo masters and Buddhist monks alike, we want to give you the full story, the history of the practice, the myths regarding the practice, interviews with tattooed monks, interviews and knowledge articles by people who have acquired them and of course information about where you can find a Thai Buddhist monk who can make a traditional tattoo for you!

Traditional Bamboo tattoos in Thailand…

For some people Tattoos are a rite of passage, for others they are a memory of events that happened. For many travellers who come to Thailand every year getting a traditional bamboo tattoo ticks both boxes. There are indeed many places in Thailand where you can acquire a tattoo made using a bamboo rod and a highly skilled bamboo tattooist. Most first comers to Thailand are surprised that the majority of artists and studios are NOT offering tattoos made using the bamboo method. Certainly in the city of Bangkok it is not easy to find an artist who specializes in this traditional tattooing method. Most of the bamboo tattoo masters can be found in the south of Thailand. The ‘TattooThailand’ website makes it easy for you to find the location of the nearest tattooist who can provide this method of tattooing. Also we can show you examples of tattoos using this method and we discuss the pros and cons of obtaining a tattoo with this method.

Tattoo Masters in Thailand…

Myth or reality? Truth or Hype? There are many mentions of the “Thai tattoo master”, who is this enigmatic exotic sounding person? Well the truth is that there are Tattoo “masters” all over the world and not just in Thailand. However as aforementioned just like in American, Japanese and British tattoo culture there are some tattooists who can truly and unreservedly by called “tattoo masters”, Just because you may not have heard about this does not mean it is not true. There is evidence of tattooing in Thailand from many centuries ago, a long standing tradition and value. Thus it is clear the modern contemporaries have to start somewhere. Most start by learning from a guru, someone who has been doing it for a long time already and highly skilled.

Just like in countries like Japan, England and USA there to exist tattoo masters in Thailand. Thailand generally does not get as much exposure as the aforementioned westernized countries, for a long time Tattooing in Thailand has been seen as a practice only holy monks, criminals, whores and soldiers would partake in. Just like in the rest of the world the boundaries of who gets a tattoo is opening up, we want to be there on the front line to help keep that ball rolling.

The contemporary Tattoo scene in Thailand…

Many people are too focused and fascinated by the historical and traditional aspects of tattoos in Thailand and fail to observe the new culture that is emerging right under their noses! Just like in many parts of the world tattoos are starting to become more commonplace especially with the younger generations. Much of this can be attributed to the Thai youth culture. Many of the youth reject traditional Thai style tattoos in favour of more western, or to put it better a more Global attitude. Everything goes hand in hand in this evolution, the forefront which can be seen in Bangkok is the adoption of Western styled art and urban cultures being infused, adopted and mutated by the current wave of Thai youth culture generation. Music, Art, Social conventions are also being challenged in these exciting times, it has been said that oppression breeds repression, some might argue this is what is being seen by the current state of Thai youth culture, others might just see it as a natural progression for the people of Thailand to become fully immersed into the global melting pot. We at Tattoo Thailand agree that many of the styles pioneered elsewhere have been adapted or for lack of better word copied, however we also agree that there are things and styles being created that are truly unique to Thailand.

So again we welcome you to explore the pages of this website to find out more about the current state of tattoo affairs in Thailand and the surrounding activities and “scene”. We will discuss and put forward articles about the culture clashes between ancient eastern practices vs. the western influence. Many people have the wrong impression about Thailand and we hope to put some of these things in a more clear light. As aforementioned it’s not that easy for a non-native Thai speaker to find out the information they need within Thailand, we are joining the current fast paced evolution and are ever ready to report the knowledge and news to you.  Although slightly of topic the truth is that the tattoo scene in Asia has everything to do with surrounding climates and pressures. We want to show the world that Asia, Thailand in particular is not nearly as far behind as some people are lead to believe. Also the sad truth is that many tattoo studios in Thailand are able to produce tattoos on par with the rest of the world in terms of quality and style, but many of these same tattoo artists and tattoo studios are not able to keep up with the hygiene and sterility measures that are so keenly practiced in other parts of the World. There are certain reasons for this which will become apartment if you read our articles, but we are here to report truth and not to sugar coat things. It’s important to us that you not only find a talented tattoo artist in Thailand, but also one who adheres to good standards of hygiene and professional practice, getting a tattoo can still be a rebellious act, but hopefully one that you won’t have to pay for in your later years. We will provide knowledge articles that will help you to find a professional safe tattoo studio in Thailand.



  • Bruce L. Potts
    September 21, 2011 - 7:53 pm | Permalink

    I’m sure you have seen pictures of me all over the internet with a total tribal and facial color tribal tattoo. I really would like to get my head in the light areas Tattooed by the Buddhist Monks that do that kind of work. Also, I have this urge to be able to get some tattoo work on my privates since American tattoo artist refuse to do it bit the European tattoo artist doesn’t bother them at all. I am going to be on a tour to thailand and will be arriving in Bangkok on February 1st. I will be staying at the Century Park Hotel close to Bictory Monument area. If I could get some feedback about either one of desires please contact me. Thanks!

    • Blackwork
      October 3, 2011 - 2:45 pm | Permalink

      Dear Bruce, a pleasure to hear from you, i have tried to contact you direct on the e-mail address you provided but it’s not working. Either way yes, can help for sure, as you can see website is still heavily under construction but some very exciting things will be happening within the next month. In the mean time please don’t hesitate to contact me at info @ tattoothailand . com (please remember to remove the spaces)
      Thank you.